Useful Tips For Cleaning The Windows

The windows are like the eyes of a house, its link with the outside. Throughout the year, both inside and the outside windows get dirty creating an unpleasant surface that disrupts the view, but mostly it provides an unpleasant aspect of the house.

To prevent this, here are some useful tips.

Wash windows on days without sun

Although such advice may seem strange, there is a logical explanation for this. Heat and direct sunlight will dry almost instantly the substance you use while cleaning the windows. Even you wake up with patchy spots that will get you to work double. In cloudy days, you can wipe quietly the windows, achieving the desired result.

Begin to remove them from top to bottom, so you will follow the natural order of flowing cleaners. While spraying, the solution is drained and coming from the top down, it will remove all traces of dirt or stain.

How and what to use to wipe the windows

Vinegar is an ally. Mix two teaspoons of vinegar in a sufficient amount of water. And lemon juice can be used successfully in place of vinegar. You make substantial savings using these over any of the chemical products.

Polish with a cotton fabric. Whether it is an old shirt or a clean cloth, both are perfect for this operation. Make sure that the wiping material is dry and clean, no spots or other impurities that could scratch the glass. Use circular motions to delete the window.

Here’s a secret worth taking into account: use an anti-limestone product to eliminate water hardness you use when cleaning windows. You will remove stains that remain usually on the window and are very difficult to remove.

Then, eventually, I want to advise you to be careful when you wash the windows especially those from outside. Use a stable ladder and eventually ask a family member to be around you to prevent unwanted accidents.

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