Three Maintenance Tricks For New Carpets

New carpets are always welcomed. A new carpet brings fresh air into the house and is an element of warmth and comfort. What matters is how you will maintain a new carpet, and these few details are essential to enjoy the quality of your new carpet for longer time.

1. They say a new carpet should not be vacuumed until it is well trampled, for at least a couple of months. This is in fact a myth. A new carpet can be vacuumed without problems after 7-10 days since it was laid down. A new carpet will be removed by vacuuming short fibers. The amount of short fibers, which is extracted from the carpet in the first few weeks after being put down, may seem dramatic, but in reality is only a very small proportion that won’t affect in any way the carpet appearance and performance. Moreover, regular carpet cleaning is the best way of maintenance thereof.

2. Barrier carpets. I named them like this because they are kind of sacrifice rugs that save the new carpet or a bigger carpet. All floors are dirty and the incredible images with always bright floors are only found in pictures, and have nothing in common with reality. Carpets of wool, the one with natural fibers get dirty faster and longer than those of synthetic fibers, which are usually easier to clean. It is a good idea to protect the new carpet with an intermediary carpet which would gather the dirt. Barrier carpets should be regularly cleaned and washed if needed.

3. Clean once it got dirty. It is very important that any stain to be removed immediately. Do no rub the stains, but just dab the place. Solid residues can be removed with a knife and greasy residues can be treated with degreasing solutions put on an absorbent cloth, through dabbing. Liquids are clean with a clean absorbent cloth by dabbing. Some stains get removed with shampoo or dishwashing detergent or with other natural products for cleaning carpets.

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