Simple Tricks For Cleaning Using What You Have Around The House

In the cafeteria and kitchen pantry there are some tricks, plenty of foods that can successfully replace detergents, deodorants, drugs or other solutions, bought with a lot of money to clean or to save an object degraded for different reasons.

Here are some perfect cleaning tricks for your using only what you have in your pantry!

Grease stains are indeed a nuisance, but can be removed if, before you wash the laundry, generously sprinkle salt over the stain. The salt must be a natural unprocessed salt, the one you use for autumn pickles recipe.

If you want that the clothes you intend to wash to keep the color, you should use pepper. It is one of the most amazing tricks. A teaspoon of pepper placed with detergent will make the laundry to not lend each other colors. In addition, it will give them a unique flavor … they will not smell like pepper but something undefined, pleasant, clean and fresh.

Disinfect the kitchen with onions. Close the window of the room, crush a large onion in the corner of the table and leave it on a plate as you’re out shopping. When you return, ventilate the room.

If a door is creaking and it makes a lot of noise, use oil unless you have something else on hand. Soak a piece of cotton oil and put plentiful on hinges.

Do not throw away the peels of oranges. Put them on the stove or radiator. These will perfume the air in the room and thus, you will not be forced to give money on chemicals that will pollute and won’t freshen the air in the house.

If you dropped down a glass or a plate take a slice of bread and, after collecting large, visible shards pass the bread over the place because it will collect every small pieces that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

Do not throw away the peels of bananas as they can be useful. Wipe the silverware or your leather shoes. Then, use a soft cloth to clean.

After you’ve washed your refrigerator and wiped it, before fill it and turn it on again, put a full cup of vinegar inside. All odors will disappear.

We know that fire purifies. If you cannot open the door or window to ventilate the room where you live, remember that fire purifies. Light a candle, but not those perfumed and scented candles that pollute. Light an ordinary wax candle. Besides that will purify the room air, it will induce a state of calm, of peace, of reconciliation with the self and the surrounding world.

These cleaning tricks will be effective for your home cleaning!

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