How To Remove Stains On Any Surface In The House

Stains are a known problem any housewife knows, especially if there are children in the house and pets. We offer some tips on how to remove stains from any surface in your home.

Before starting, arm yourself with patience, housekeeping gloves and prepare the weapons for the attack. Avoid mixing different cleaning products together to prevent chemical reactions that you don’t even suspect.

For simple stains from coffee, tea or food on the laminate kitchen countertop, wipe with a slightly soapy sponge. For the most difficult stains, mix three parts of sodium bicarbonate with some water. Leave on the stain, rinse and then dry.

The counter from a harder material can be removed with only baking soda; depending on the stain, you can use a slightly abrasive material. You should test it in a less visible area to see if the material suffers scratches.

In the case of marble or granite surfaces, wipe with water and dishwashing detergent.

Stains or traces of cooking oil can be removed with an ammonia-based solution or use some acetone.

The linoleum surfaces can be cleaned as follows: light stains are removed with water and dishwashing liquid detergent, also try to use an eraser which is effective for small traces. Stains from food, liquids, grass or ink are removed with water and chlorine.

Wood or laminate floors are cleaned with very good natural solutions for flooring and wood. Pay attention to the amount of water used to wipe the floor. The mop should be well drained and then you can polish with a dry one. You can also apply protective wax.

Stains on the carpet can be removed at the earliest stage once was stained. Sprinkle a little water and then mineral solution for carpets, wipe down, and then rinse.

The walls get cleaned harder if lime is not a washable type. The most common stains are removed with water and detergent.

Upholstery is a sensitive issue and depends on the severity of the stain. From a simple suction to gently wiping with a mild solution that will not affect the material, the possibilities are limited. If the material can be removed, then wash it according to the label instructions.

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