Keep The House Perfectly Clean With These New Rules

A perfectly clean house always seems an impossible dream and a specific goal. However it may be you actually can if you replace and follow some of the bad habits that ruin the house cleaning with these new tricks. It is a simple strategy that you can observe at first with little ambition and will. All these tricks that keep your house clean will enter into your routine, and the advantage of having a clean house is always evident.

Here’s what to do to keep the house always perfectly clean but without too much effort.

1. Put in the basket, every evening, dirty clothes. Ideally is to put them into categories, and when you have the required amount of laundry, wash them. Use the possibility to program the washing machine. Laundry wash themselves, and you can have them spread exactly the time when you can do this either when you get back home, either in the morning, instead of refreshing gymnastics.

2. Make order on the table in the living room whenever needed. Never leave a crowded space. Put the whole family to work and teach them that the clothes must not be stored in racks in the lobby, but in their lockers. Same with shoes! Make a special drawer for invoices, receipts and other such documents. Thus it will not stand the sight and you know where to look! Do not let any dishes in the lobby, cart or other object that can become storage space. In a few days every vessel in the lobby is filled with keys, invoices and all sorts of trinkets initiate that breaks the order of the house.

3. Clean the place. This is one of the best rules. Everything dirty should be cleaned on the spot, so dirt won’t gather. Do the same with any other stains or dirty places. When you see a problem, solve it on the spot. Most times you can do this in minutes. If you delay, it will last much longer and will spoil the house clean and tidy.

4. Wash dirty little dishes fast and easy. Wash frequently the dishes or, if you put them in the washing machine, immediately. It is the same with the cooker. A small stain is rinsed off immediately. It applies to the oven too! Clean it up quickly every time after you use it. Splashes are very easy to clean and terribly hard if you delay. (I know you know this, but I do not understand why we don’t do this ….)

5. Do not keep unnecessary things. Magazines, newspapers, leaflets, bottles, jars, plastic bags, boxes and more maybe are not really necessary. Do not store unnecessary things on the principle that “maybe I’ll have a use for them.”

6. The three fundamental things to do every day: in the morning ventilate the rooms and make the bed, clean bathroom sink, put a clean kitchen towel and broom in the kitchen and hallway. Everything adds up to ten minutes!

7. Do not let it pile up. It is valid for all! In the house all have a circuit of their repeating. The strategy is put in place and use. It is valid for everything! Dish clothes, clean or dirty, hatches, whatever they may be. It is infinitely easier to put in place than to leave them at random. It’s all a little ambition and organization. Just keep everything organized!

8. Remove dust in each room, continuously. Today in the bedroom, tomorrow in the living room, and so on. Basically you whisk in every room every 3-4 days. And your house will be clean!

9. Keep the vacuum cleaner handy. It has conducted a study that showed that if the cleaner remains installed and handy, time spent cleaning the house is reduced by half, and the house is much cleaner. So let the cleaner mounted in a place that is handy. Use it always when you need, ideally every two days at a time for each room. All it will take 10-15 minutes every other day, and you have perfectly clean house with very little wasted time and less effort!

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