Keep The House Clean And Tidy Longer

Maintaining cleanliness is hard to keep up, especially when our schedule doesn’t allow us to have many activities. And yet, there are people who manage to do it. Who doesn’t want his house clean and tidy longer?

Here’s how to keep the house clean and tidy longer.

Tighten the clothes every evening

Even if you’re tired, two extra minutes will save you the effort of the weekend to gather clothes all over the house. Check before you go to wash clothes and what clothes go back in the closet. So you can proceed with shoes and other accessories – purses and jewelry. Collect them and put them back in boxes in the closet.
You have many things that you do not use? Then choose only those that you really need and then get rid of the rest. You can donate with confidence especially if they are still in a good condition.

Clean surfaces in time

Wipe surfaces whenever you use them. You will prevent dirt to install easier. And in addition it is also easier to clean if the stain is fresh. Do not let the dishes pile up in the sink. Wash them once you have finished eating!

A few minutes 2-3 times a week of vacuuming will save you hours of cleaning in the weekend when you can relax.

Everything has its place

It is important that once you have used something to put it back in place. Be it music CDs, DVD movies, magazines, books or other things that you used, do not let them in a place at random. Over the next few days will come others, and in the weekend you’ll have much more work to do.

All flyers, old newspapers and mailing envelopes are all over the house? Make sure you sort them out before you end up with mountains of useless paper.

Rock on cleaning and keeping the house clean and tidy longer!

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