How Can You Clean The Couch And Other Tapestries

The sofa is the object used in the living room, so is the one you need to clean up most often. There are some simple tricks that will save you of stains and of dust gathered on the sofa and other tapestries. You should know that you clean the sofa depending on its type of fabric. The sofas and chairs can be made or dressed in all sorts of materials, from leather and vinyl, velvet and the fluffy material, synthetic or natural.

Most of these pieces of furniture have labels that can help you find out what kind of detergent you can use for cleaning without damaging the material and without leaving ugly traces of soap on them. Attached cushions are often removable so you can wash in the washing machine according to the type of material they are made of. Anyway always wash them inside out and get them out of the machine once the program has finished.

Start to clean the sofa or chairs with small parts, metal, wood, or plastic. Remove dust, wash rags and use natural solutions, depending on the material. Where appropriate, apply lacquer polished or small parts like metal arms, legs, chrome, etc.

Vacuum the dust and pet hair with a vacuum cleaner, insisting on maximum contact areas which got darkened the most. Use tape to collect all the hair and dirt from hard accessible places.

Fill a spray bottle with alcohol or ether. Polyester or microfiber materials of the couch do not get stained from alcohol, because it quickly evaporates. The smell of alcohol will disappear after the surfaces get completely dry. Spray small areas and scrub with a sponge, then use a soft brush to remove dust from the debris of the entire sofa.

Velvet couch is thoroughly cleaned with a brush dipped in water with vinegar and the stains can be removed with a concentrated solution of water with oxygen whitening product that does not fade. Wipe thoroughly with a clean and intense vacuum after.

You can freshen up colors of the couch with a solution of water and vinegar (equal parts). Spray the solution on the clean couch, leave it on for about five minutes then wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth and vacuum again.

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