Brilliant Tricks That Keep Your Kitchen Clean Longer

The kitchen is the heart of your home, whether you’re a gourmand, you like to try new recipes every week or if you spend your time chatting around the table in the company of your friends. Therefore, it is important to feel good in your kitchen and you will enjoy spending time here.

The secret of a beautiful kitchen lies, most often, in how clean and organized you keep it. A tidy room, where each object has its place and everything is easily accessible, looks neat and is very practical.

Here’s what you can do to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen for more time with less effort:

Practical solution to avoid stained walls and tiles

While cooking, it is inevitable that small splashes of oil and grease won’t reach the surrounding areas. Even if you protect the tiled wall near the stove, deposits of grease might prove to be a challenge. So you end up wasting several minutes rubbing with an abrasive sponge the tiles, often without the desired results. And the steam and smoke go while the yellowing walls and specks that cannot be wiped unless you paint the room again. The best thing would be to have such a hood with high power absorption, to get rid of smoke, steam and smell that stays in the kitchen after cooking.

Remove coffee and wine stains immediately

Foods that stain, such as coffee, wine or some fruits, are the biggest enemy of lighter kitchen worktops. To keep your kitchen cabinet as long as new, keep in sight a cloth with which to wipe away stains or drops. Also, try to use coasters.

How to clean less frequently the cabinets and shelves

You won’t have to give much effort to clean the inside of cupboards when you consider the tips below, and you also prevent buildup of deposits difficult to remove:

For cabinets that hold the glasses and cups

You can use the cupboards to avoid stains on the furniture and to keep your cabinets in perfect condition.

For the rest of the kitchen

To keep the tiles look like new, it is recommended to replace twice a year the grout joints between tiles. Choose one with water repellent effect, which you can apply yourself.

Instead of using wood shredders, choose some made of plastic. The wood can’t be cleaned with hot water, because it swells and deforms rapidly. Therefore, the chances of dirt and bacteria that may accumulate more rapidly onto the surface are greater. Plastic shredders are easier to clean, so you’ll be protected from germs and bacteria.

To clean quickly after cooking, cover your workspace with kitchen paper and keep on hand a bowl in which is easier to throw debris. Finally, pack up and wipe with a sponge soaked in warm water. That will save several minutes of cleaning.

Refrigerator and freezer

Put a bag of baking soda in the freezer and another in the refrigerator to absorb odors and replace them every three months. Also, a coal or a cup filled with coffee beans or cotton wool moistened with a little vanilla essence works as well, and these should be kept in the refrigerator until dry.

Unused ice cubes are responsible for the unpleasant smell from the freezer. The ice absorbs odors of other foods such as pork or fish, so it’s good to throw unused monthly cubes.

The sink

When you wash dishes, inevitably some residues may remain trapped in the drain pipe. Use a special degreaser once a month to relieve pipes and get rid of the odor. You should be descaling monthly to keep your sink shiny and no longer allow it to create limestone deposits difficult to remove.

The kitchen is the most used room in the whole house, so it is normal to be the room where you have to do frequently cleaning. If you decide to apply these tips, the time spent trying to remove stains on the tiles and while you mop and wait to soak the dishes in the sink will be reduced considerably, so you can handle activities that you really enjoy.

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