Autumn Cleaning Of The House – Effective Strategy

Autumn cleanliness of the house (and not only, because we need to clean the pantry in the basement, the attic, the garden, the garage, also), is necessary. Autumn cleaning of the house is a serious matter that can be dealt with calm and without stress, because it brings positive energy for the household and the house in general.

Most often we make the mistake of hastily clean the house in autumn, from one day to another. Not good. Autumn cleaning is essential for the good of the family house and so it should be leisurely, with pleasure and joy.

It may sound crazy, but it is best to have a strategy, a plan and divide things over a few days, even a week if you have a bigger house. You should start with the cabinets, the large ones, top-down, meticulous and patiently.

The first step is an order in all the cabinets. Change the summer clothes with the winter ones, make a triage, toss, and donate clothes, both for summer and winter as well. Lockers must be ordered from top to bottom, including what is on them, if you use the top as the depositary. Go through all the cupboards in the house, including bathroom, kitchen and storage locations in the children’s room and dining room. Do not forget shoemaker in the lobby. When all these are in place, move on.

Bedding, curtains, carpets, are the next step. Turn mattresses, keep pillows in the air (especially in a sunny cold day), wash curtains, draperies, small rugs thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary appeal to a dry cleaning carpet. Ideally, you vacuum them twice, on front and inside out and to keep them all rolled up again in place.

Clean the walls, behind the furniture, the furniture over high arranges library and put into perfect order all the electronics in the house and the kitchen. The latter are nests of dust and microbes (the kitchen), and there are special solutions for each. Arm yourself with a microfiber cloth! It does wonders for televisions and other wonders of technology.

Wash windows and tidy the hallway, balcony and bathroom closet in the house. They are the dirtiest places and used extensively in the first cleaning. Tidy – as needed – pots with flowers, plants from the apartment, the balcony.

Clean the kitchen. Devote a whole day for this room. Change the light in the kitchen, especially if it is a classic one. You will have better light. Clean the chandelier, the oven and refrigerator with maximum attention. Do not miss the behind area.

Start by cleaning the floors in the rooms. Start with personal rooms (bedroom, nursery, office). Clean these chambers alongside with their curtains, carpets, beds and blankets well shaken before.

Thoroughly wash the floors in the living room and vacuum very well the corners. Put up this room. Go back to the hall bathroom and kitchen and set up what you missed.

This is autumn cleaning of the house!

Now look behind: your home is bright and cleaned!

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