8 Items In The House You Forget To Clean

We all like the house to be clean and for this we work hard every day or we choose to dedicate a little more time on weekends. But certainly there are places or objects that have not been cleaned every time or that you simply forget about them.

Here are eight items in the house that you should keep in mind the next time you do cleaning.

Vacuum – although it is the main object that cleans the house, it gets dirty too. So it’s good that at least once a month to disassemble it and to wipe the dust on all components and those that are washable wash them with confidence.

Carpet in the bathroom – is a reliable friend when you step out of the shower. When have you wash last time yours? It is important for hygiene legs in particular, to ensure that cleaning in the washing machine whenever you feel it appearance requests to.

Indoor plants – they also suffer when dust is deposited on their leaves. When you have some free time, do them a favor and wipe them with a soft, clean cloth.

Iron is an essential accessory for a flawless look of your clothes. We must not forget however that his sole can form a layer that could harm the future to ironed clothes. Some have incorporated a self-cleaning, but you can use reliable friends: baking soda and vinegar.

TV remote control – is handled daily by many people, more or less by clean hands. Many germs can lurk on the remote, so we recommend wiping it as soon as possible. Use less alcohol to disinfect. For hard to reach areas take a swab and wipe it.

The shower – when you wash the tub you wash the shower too, but it’s good to know that the stone is present through small holes where water comes out too. Easy problem to solve is: take a plastic bag, put vinegar in it and then enter the shower head in it; tight it well and leave overnight.

Toothbrush holder – although probably you change your toothbrush once every three months as recommended by the dentists, the question is when the last time you have cleaned the brush holder is? Next time you brush your teeth, think of this; if you remember, offer it a serious cleaning soon.

Trash tray is one of the dirtiest places in the home. Although you use trash bags these won’t give you supreme hygiene. After you take out the trash, clean the bucket with a solution they normally use for different areas of the house.

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