7 Things In The House To Be Cleaned Every Day

On the list of things to do for the house, there must necessarily be added these things to be cleaned every day. It is imperative for the health of the household and health of your home.

Kitchen towels

These are among the most important objects in the kitchen and belong to the category of things that need to be cleaned every day. In our case, they must be changed every day. Kitchen towel, always helpful at all, must be refreshed every day. We do not recommend paper towels but the ones made of cotton in one color, white if it is possible. You need to wash them carefully with high temperature with very good cleaning products to kill the batteries.

Kitchen countertop and table, and all surfaces that come in contact with food

All this should be cleaned with disinfectant every day or more often if needed. Use paper towels. Never use the same towel to wipe all surfaces that will not only make the bacteria move from one place to another.

Kitchen chopper

This is one of the riskiest things. It should be cleaned daily with hot water and salt. This is the best and safest method by which you remove all batteries without damaging its surface.

The sinks

The entire bathroom and the kitchen sinks must be cleaned every day. Use antibacterial cleaning solutions and make sure the drains are clean and perfectly functional. The toilet is also one of the objects to be cleaned every day. Buildup of bacteria and odors will be removed only truly so, even if you use devices for cleaning and sanitation.

Dirty dishes are one of the things that need to clean every day.

On the list of objects to be cleaned every day is also the coffee maker. Temperature and humidity make this the ideal place for bacteria.

The floors in the kitchen must be cleaned every day, also. The floors gather crumbs, splash and other waste that can be dangerous. Sweep and wash the floors in the kitchen every day or whenever necessary.

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