7 Cleaning Methods That Will Make Your Life Easier

We all have to do cleaning, whether we like it or not. But how many times have you struggled to clean certain objects or things around the house with a lot of effort and the result is still not the one you wanted?

I will tell you that today there are methods to facilitate this work and I will detail some simple but effective tricks for cleaning.

The mattress in the bedroom is one of the hardest things to clean. Usually it needs professional help from time to time. But at home, you can get a fresh mattress using sodium bicarbonate. Remove the sheet and mattress protection and sprinkling a sufficient amount of bicarbonate enough to cover the entire surface; then let several hours and finally vacuum.

Whenever hardened food debris from microwave has not given you trouble? Simplify the entire process like this: Put a cup of water and vinegar in equal amounts. Then place the cup in the oven and turn it on for 2 minutes in a program of strong heating. The fumes emanating will soften the debris and all you have to do is just wipe with a cloth to remove them.

The coffee maker can acquire an unpleasant odor; fill with half water and half vinegar and start the machine like you do coffee. Allow an hour for the vinegar to take effect and then empty the container with fresh water and repeat the process until you no longer smell vinegar.

Wipe dust and dirt from the paintings with a roll or a piece of bread. The result will surprise you.

We know dentists recommend you to change your toothbrush every three months. But in this period, tooth fills with bacteria that can affect us. Fill a glass with vinegar and place the toothbrush in there and leave it for several hours. At the end you will have a brush with far fewer dangerous intruders.

Eliminate stone shower head with vinegar. Put vinegar in a bag and then wrap around your head and tighten the shower. After an hour you can rinse and the result will be surprising.

Kitchen chopper can be cleaned simply with lemon and salt. You will thus remove odors from onions, garlic or fish that usually remain impregnated in it. Rub well with half a lemon and salt and then rinse.

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