5 Mistakes You Make During Cleaning

The title will certainly intrigue you. You have asked yourself, probably, ‘Are there mistakes you can make during cleaning? Certainly there are, we all made them, we like it or not.

However, I want to show you some tricks of how to prevent these mistakes because I find them very efficient. Here are some tips to correct the mistakes.

When you clean your windows, you think that the best time is a bright day with plenty of sunshine. I would advise you not to rush. You’d rather choose a cloudy day and I am going to tell you why. It is because the sun evaporates too quickly and windows remain cleaner with unsightly marks.

Vinegar and lemon are a great help in the kitchen. You can use them to clean up a large part of the kitchen or bathroom surfaces. However, both products are acidic and can damage natural surfaces like marble, travertine or onyx. To clean areas covered with such materials, use neutral substances such as baking soda or cornstarch.

Not all cleaning products are also disinfectants too, unfortunately. Certain areas of the house need to be cleaned thoroughly by microbes, particularly during periods of illness of family members. Most products of this kind need to stay at least one minute on the surface to clean and disinfect effectively.

When you remove dust, try to use a product usually made for polishing. We advise you to not use unless the surface is solid wood and requires extra care. Dust in combination with substances in the product will create an unpleasant layer over the furniture. Use a microfiber cloth dampened a little to wipe the dust efficiently.

Cleaning items should not necessarily be abrasive to feel like you’ve really cleaned. Some areas are more sensitive and an abrasive item will scratch the surface irreparably, in the case of tap or cooker. So before you plunge, choose softer products accordingly.

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